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Wheel Alignment Kingston

Wheel Alignment KingstonTo celebrate our new Auto Service Shop at 775 Gardiners Rd, we are offering a full, 4 wheel alignment starting at only $79.99 - easily the best price you'll find in Kingston and possibly all of Ontario! Simply give us a call at 613-507-9910 to book your appointment and take advantage of this special, limited time offer!

Off-roading or encountering the numerous potholes in Kingston isn't the sole cause of alignment problems. Even routine driving can lead to misalignment of your wheels. As time passes, these improperly aligned tire and wheel setups can negatively affect your fuel efficiency (MPG), hasten tire wear, and diminish the overall drivability of your vehicle. This emphasizes the importance of regular wheel alignments, a service that Paulette Auto Service is well-equipped to assist you with.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment involves the adjustment of your vehicle's steering and suspension angles to match the initial specifications. This process ensures that the front and rear wheels align with the vehicle's centreline, enhancing both drivability and fuel efficiency. Accomplishing alignment necessitates the utilization of a specialized machine that gauges wheel angles against your vehicle's original specifications. Subsequently, the technician performs necessary adjustments.

When your vehicle requires realignment, the skilled professionals at Paulette Auto Service will conduct the most suitable alignment for your specific vehicle. These options might encompass a 4-wheel alignment suitable for front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and the majority of passenger vehicles.

The Importance of a Proper Alignment

Incorporating regular alignments into your basic vehicle maintenance, ideally twice a year, is crucial. Why? Because misaligned tire and wheel setups can have adverse effects on your gas mileage, accelerate tire wear, and compromise the drivability of your vehicle.

When your vehicle maintains alignment, all four wheels are oriented in the same direction, aligned from front to rear, and make proper contact with the road at the correct angle.

Causes of Alignment Issues

Various factors like dirt roads, uneven highways, potholes, as well as encounters with curbs and speed bumps can disrupt your vehicle's alignment. Furthermore, alignment problems can develop gradually over time due to normal wear and tear.

For a swift assessment of your car's alignment, consider these questions during your next drive:

  • Does your car or truck veer to one side while in motion?
  • Is your steering wheel slightly off-centre when driving straight?
  • After completing a turn, does your steering wheel effortlessly return to its centre position? In simpler terms, does it naturally come back to the centre (or close to centre) without significant effort on your part?
  • Do you find yourself frequently making minor steering adjustments while on the highway or freeway?
  • Have you noticed excessive wear on the inner or outer areas of one or more tires?

Answering affirmatively to any of the above queries could indicate that your vehicle requires an alignment. However, since alignment issues can be subtle, it's wise to have your alignment inspected twice a year, even if you haven't noticed any overt problems.

Paulette Pointer: There's a common misconception that alignment is necessary only when the vehicle exhibits handling problems. This, in fact, isn't always accurate. Checking your alignment biannually can proactively prevent unexpected tire deterioration and potential reductions in fuel efficiency.

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