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Accelerate Credit Rebuilding Program

On the Road to Better Credit™

Welcome to the Accelerate™ Credit Rebuilding Program.


Accelerate™ gives YOU THE POWER TO GET INTO A CAR AND REBUILD YOUR CREDIT all at the same time. If you’re one of the many living with bad credit or new credit, an auto loan is hands-down one of the best ways to improve your credit score. The Accelerate™ program provides a strategic way of doing this.

We’ve built this program from the ground up to help our community obtain a vehicle and re-establish their credit.

Accelerate™ has been highly successful since launch. We’ve helped more people than we originally thought possible; PEOPLE THAT HAD BEEN TURNED AWAY ELSEWHERE.

How does the credit rebuilding program work?

We have crafted personal relationships with many banks and lenders. We work to get you the LOWEST POSSIBLE RATE and the LONGEST POSSIBLE TERM so that we can fit your budget. This includes many phone calls and negotiations on your behalf.
You will receive a 100% free credit consultation with a Credit Specialist, who will review your Equifax bureau with you. Next we’ll work on securing an approval with a network of auto lenders that specialize in helping people with bad or fair credit (typically called sub-prime lenders).

Lastly we look at vehicles that fit your approval. The goal of the program is to build YOUR CREDIT and show to lenders YOU CAN make all payments on-time. Within as little as 10 months, we help you get into a NEWER VEHICLE, with LESS MILEAGE at a LOWER RATE.


Simply put, Accelerate™ works.

Apply today and get
“On the Road to Better Credit™”