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Auto Repair Service

The Best Value Full-Service Auto Repair Garage in Kingston!

For individuals, families, and for pleasure, we all know your car is essential. It’s important for regular maintenance for the safety of yourself, and your passengers. At Paulette Auto Service, we know how much you depend on your vehicle – so you can depend on us to have your vehicle properly serviced, without breaking the bank! We have among the lowest professional auto shop rates in Kingston, at only $124.99/hr.


Our full-service auto garage features highly trained, and fully licensed mechanics, who would be happy to put their knowledge to work on your vehicle. We’re ready to guide you to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained or repaired for peace of mind.


Full Vehicle Inspection


We also provide full vehicle inspections for peace of mind. We will fully inspect your vehicle to ensure you know what to expect. Whether you bought a vehicle and require a safety certificate, or perhaps you’re going on a big trip and would like to avoid any issues while on the road.

Oil Changes


Our Kingston oil and filter change service starts at only $69.99 and covers most vehicles. We will also take a look over your vehicle to spot any other issues. We take appointments throughout the day to be sure you’re staying up on regular maintenance.

Brake Inspections


Are your brakes making a funny noise? Do they squeak or feel weak when trying to stop? We feature a full brake inspection and brake repair service here at Paulette Auto Service. We will take a look and inform you what you may need done now or in the future.

Tune Up


Is your car not running as you should expect? Do you have a check engine light on? Make an appointment with us, and we’ll run some diagnostics and get to the bottom of it. It may be something as simple as an air filter or spark plugs.

Vehicle Repair Services

Here at Paulette Auto Service, we’re able to provide and wide range of maintenance and repair services for your vehicle. Here are some of the common services you may need for your vehicle, although not limited to.

– Air Conditioning Service
– Brake Service or replacement
– Clutch Replacement
– Auto Diagnostics
– Engine Rebuilds
– Fuel Injection Service
– General Auto Repair
– Heating issues
– Vehicle Tune Ups
– Transmissions

Tires and Tire Repair Services

Looking for tire service for your vehicle? We also run a wide range of tire services to give you safety for you and your family. Some of our services include:

– New Tires
– Tire Rotation
– New Winter Tires, or Winter Tire Installation
– Tire Repair
– Flat Tire Plugs

Wheel Alignment Service


Having your car's wheel alignment checked is an important part of maintaining it. The alignment of the wheels affects how the vehicle handles on the road, and can make a big difference in its overall performance and safety. Poor wheel alignment can lead to accelerated tire wear, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased risk of accidents.

Learn more about our Wheel Alignment Service

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