Patrick Bogle

Let me start off by saying, Steve is my neighbour…and he’s awesome. When I found out he worked at Paulette’s, I did mention being in the market. In the past year not once has he ever pushed a truck or deal my way. I’ve had lots of questions and asked advice along the way. Steve’s been in the car business a long time, and I value his opinion. I called and asked about a truck, he gave me a very solid option. He just made it easy, and straight forward. They worked around my schedule, doing most of it over the phone. I also dealt with Brian and Jon as well. Both were great to deal with. Their warranty was worth it’s weight in gold, and I’ve bought several used trucks (never with peace of mind like this) Buying local, with a fully licensed shop, I feel like I have peace of mind. I am happy they made it so easy. Buying a vehicle is super relaxed and fun @ Paulette’s. I know I’ll need another truck or vehicle, and I’ll be going to see them again! Thanks guys

Dec 2nd, 2021